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Mobile Website Design - Discover Why Your Business Should Have it's Mobile Website Designed Properly.

This special report highlights the explosive growth of local internet searching and the urgent need for businesses of all sizes to have a mobile optimised website designed.

Mobile Website Buying is something that has to be done carefully. There are many people out who have just picked up a bunch of templates and going round flaunting them as fully featured mobile websites.

Unfortunately those companies going with these fly-by-nights will end up with an expensive white elephant. The reason lies in the lack of sophistiaction and the inability to easily update key areas of the mobile website. Sometimes the client is forced to pay high hosting charges plus update charges for every change that is requested. This can get very expensive.

Added to this is the inflexibility of the template system. When new innovations are made or specific data integration is required, now or in the future, the template system just can not cope. The only way forward then is to scrap the website and have a new mobile website designed and created.

At Mobi6 we hand craft each mobile website so that each one is individually designed and created to the clients specifications. We have many diferent features that can be used and we can make them available imeediately or in the future. As new features are intorduced, they can be added to exisiting client's mobile websites if required. Everything we do is both forward and backward compatible.

The special "Data Areas" used by allow clients to update their own websites free of charge at any time, day or night. All changes are immediate and can be seen straight away on the mobile website. There is no limit on the number of changes so data can be changed until it is "just right".

As a client with you have your own Control Panel which enables you to do several things.

1) Easy Communication.
If you are working with one of our resellers, your contact form sends email direct to them. And their Reseller Control Panel send email direct to you.

2) Request Modifications.
Modification requests are handled by a spacific communication area which maintains a log of each Mod Request conversation. A modification request is for a structural change, like new pages or a request to include a new feature.

3) Data Areas
This is a list of your programmed Data Areas. You can make changes on your website to those areas which need regular updating. For example you may have an events page which you update every month. Or you may have menu pages which change every week. These can be easily accommodated so that you can access and make chanes to the data yourself.

4) QR Codes
Here you can see your website qrcode. If you have ordered Qrcodes for internal pages as well, this will be the place to download them from.

5) Redirection Scripts
From this part of the Client Control Panel you can copy anyone of our 5 different redirection scripts. Depending on the type of website you are running, you can select the optimal redirect code. Each script is customized to your mobile website. Most mobile website creators only give their standad script, but we give you the full range and a recommendation as to which one to use, based on your specific set up.

6) Support Forum.
We have a fully supported support forum where you can ask questions and get answers from fellow clients, resellers and Mobi6 staff.

As you see there is a lot more to Mobile Website Buying than might first appear. With the exlosive growth in local searches it is vital that all businesses have a mobile optimized website. That way They do not lose out on traffic and customers. It is also imperitive to have your mobile website designed and created professionally.

Do your business a favor ...
... get your business mobilised.

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