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Mobile Website Design - Discover Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile Website Designed

This special report highlights the explosive growth of loacal internet searching and the urgent need for businesses of all sizes to have a mobile optimised website designed.

Buy Mobile Website. With the internet continuing to grwo and more and more people searching online using their smart phones, if your business hasn't got a mobile freindly website, then the chances are you are losing customers.

Many forward thinking competitors of yours are getting their mobile websites set up.

what's the significance of mobile websites and why is it essential to start now?

Well back in 2002 the US citizens rated the mobile phone was the least important of the 4 main technologies they use. Ahead of the cell phone was the internet, television and the landline phone.

However within just five years, by 2007 they said the mobile phone was the number one device they could not live without. In fact 60% of cell phone users even take them to bed with them.

Today, the number one access method for local information is no longer the desk-top browser but the mobile browser. Approx 30 million users searching per month. Local searches are growing on mobile devices.

If your business does not show up in the local searches with a mobile optimised website you are at a distinct disadvantage. Over 78% of people actually research online before purchasing, and that is even when they are purchasing offline. They use their smart phone to compare prices and availability often even while in the shop.

Building Mobile Websites.
Technical Aspects
Easy To Read
Looking at a standard website on a mobile phone makes you scroll up and down and left to right, and in most cases the text will be too small to even read. Therefore you also have to zoom in and out as well making it uncomfortable and a poor user experience.

Mobile websites however are specifically designed so the information is displayed properly formatted on the small mobile device screen.

Mobile Redirection A good mobile website builder will also add a simple piece of coding that will direct the visitor to the website appropriate to the platform that they are visiting from.

The code will automatically understand whether the user is on a mobile device or on a desktop monitor. If it is a mobile device then the redirection to your mobile optimised website is done automatically.

Your mobile site can be hosted with a domain extension .mobi which increases your yearly costs, or by using an in house name like which is free to use.

Keeping Your Mobilised Website Up to date.
Every month more smart phones come onto the market and it is vital that your mobile website works with all types of smart phones and internet browsers. If you are trying to do the website yourself then you may need to upgrade your website periodically to ensure it it optimized for ALL platforms.

Using a professional company to build your mobile website is the best way to ensure that your content is optimized for both now and in the future. Most professional web designers will offer a monthly service to cover all updates. The mobile website design is also critical and can not be easily done by an ameature.

With local searches exlosive growth any business not having a mobile optimized website is now losing traffic and customers. Soon no smartphone user will stay to try and browse a "desktop" style website when they can find competitor companies offering a more comfortable experience.

Do your business a favor ...
... get your business mobilised.

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